6th Avenue

Hey Im Ty, I am new to the class as well, see everyone tonight but I also have to submit a proposal. A project depicting and comparing the two components that make a town. Whether you label Grinnell a college town or not the college is instilled into the Grinnell community and helps to define the town. Equally as important, Downtown Grinnell, The Jewel, of the Jewel of the Prairie, so to speak. It plays an integral role in defining this “fun” small town which college students and Grinnell Natives enjoy alongside.

Title:6th Avenue

Much like 6th ave does my project will connect Grinnell College to the downtown area of Grinnell. These two focal points of the community are one block away from one another but are distinctly different are able to co-exist in the same community. Almost polar opposites, capturing these opposing characteristics and juxtaposing them will help better understand Grinnell as a town.

To begin to actually capture the differences recording similar sub-components of the the two object of interest ( Grinnell/Downtown) such as Bob’s Underground to Saint’s Rest. My hypothesis being that Bob’s underground receives more traffic than Saint’s Rest as well as it having a more lively atmosphere. Recording and capturing differences such as those and combining them into one entity would convey my message of a complete Grinnell.


To start I would need devices that recorded at different frequency and ranges so I could get sound from regular dialogue to the sound of footsteps to collect two of the factors of opposition. Have to have programs to amalgamate the files I collect in varying combinations as well as a device that can measure different frequency, pitches, and volume of sound to have actual data to support their differences. Will also have to be able to distinguish between the similarity of establishments in the town and college to juxtapose.


One thought on “6th Avenue

  1. Hi Ty,

    Welcome (again) to class! This looks like an interesting project, were you to decide to come back to it later in the course. It wasn’t clear to me from your description how you would like this to be presented, ideally. (Would it be some type of concert-piece, or a site-specific project?) There are a lot of different possibilities, so I’m curious to chat more to see where you might go with this. As for equipment, you would probably be fine using any of the field recorders available at the AV Center, and Reaper for arranging files. Let me know if you need a hand with any of this!


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