My project group was the music concrete group, a style of music which depicts sounds through distortion of either instrumental, natural, or vocal sounds. With this idea I have devised  the distortion of these three mediums to evoke different connotations other than the original but not necessarily the antithesis. Keeping some original traits from the original will help to keep familiarity and relevance while also juxtaposing the difference at the same time.


I have recorded my own voice, using recorders and uploading to reaper,  and manipulated it 4 different ways. Trying to make a sound with connotations of happiness (soft, light,airy,harmonic) ,sadness (slow,melodic,resonating,low), and other variations of feelings.  Similarly I have done this with a natural and instrumental sound and tried to see how well the which medium transfers connotations easiest.

Taking the project forward I would like to maybe try to undistort manipulated sounds so they are back to their original state. This would take time because I would have to find all the extremities of the sound as well as toggling many forms of distortion and tweaking them to find the original.


One thought on “Di(STORY)tion

  1. Hi Ty,

    Please remember to post the audio for your projects to the blog (you can file->render the audio in Reaper and then post it to soundcloud).

    From what you shared on Monday, it seems like you were able to get a lot of mileage out of the sound you chose to explore. Where the project needed work was in finding a way to structure or frame the sounds you processed for your listener. There are many approaches you could take to do this — from creating a piece of music for a concert setting, to creating an installation, of sorts, by imaging a setting in which someone might encounter these sounds. To take perhaps the most obvious approach, you could create a ‘ghost harp’ effect — a harp shell with a hidden speaker playing back your sounds.

    Many years ago I wrote an electroacoustic piece using only sounds I recorded from a harp. Though it is a very old piece, I’m including a link to show what I mean about structuring the sounds as a piece of music: http://abbyaresty.com/portfolio/selves-2/


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