Concerto No. 4 in J Minor

My composition is an extension of my sonic cinematic project, in which I explored the narrative qualities of noise in music.  I used the original composition from that project as the basis for this one, and simply edited it to make it more rhythmic and added to it.  I used some effects from reaper and initially was going to do the entire composition on Reaper and using only the vocals.  I created half of a piece like this and it was interesting, then decided to work with Garageband as well and used some of the midi instruments and drum effects from GB to go along with the vocal composition.  Overall, this was a very interesting project for me to do since I don’t have a lot of experience with midi, but it was a lot of fun to learn more about it, and I really like using the GB drums as well.

Conceptually, this piece is definitely more of a composition than my previous sound & narrative project.  Where that one was really just a bunch of clips, I went out of my way and comfort zone to create a piece that really feels like music even though it rides on a vocal rhythm that would usually have been edited out.  I think the breaths sometimes even say more than the words between them, and this piece does a good job of elevating the breathing to the position of actual music or lyrics in a way that my original project didn’t quite do.


One thought on “Concerto No. 4 in J Minor

  1. Hi Devin,

    Nice! I loved the idea you explored for your proto-project, and I’m glad you revisited it here. It’s funny, because, with the addition of the midi tracks, this piece has come full circle and is, in fact, closer to the original form than the proto-project.

    The piece is put together nicely–you have a good ear for this. What I think would help the project is if it was longer, and perhaps incorporated more source material. I’d like to have seen more variety and perhaps a more virtuosic approach to breath in latter sections. This feels like an excellent introduction, but I am left wondering what other territory you might have explored.

    As we discussed in the crit, I also would have loved to see what you could do without relying on the midi strings and drums–down the road you might find it useful to make your own midi samples from some of the breath sounds to aid in the composition process. Also, I’d consider a different title, unless this one has a particular importance to you/

    Nice work–I hope you will continue this project!


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