Final project — the starry night

The starry night

The Starry Night

Artist statement

This project is an extension of the proto-project “the starry night”that I did before. This project borrows ideas from musique concrete. However, the sound is inspired by the painting “starry night”. In my project, I also thought of using image as inspiration. I searched for sounds that appeared in the painting, such as sound from household, sound of natural field and sound of star. I also found a song that is named “the starry night”. Apart from that, I also recorded different pronunciations of star in different language.


I started from distorting the cutting up the song “the atarry night”, later adding other different sound effects

Here is a documentation of the source material I found.

sound source

Here is a documentation of the Reaper file of this project:

屏幕快照 2014-12-19 下午12.50.32

Here is a link to the sample sound I made.

starry night


One thought on “Final project — the starry night

  1. Hi Yani,

    Nice work! I was glad to see that you returned to this earlier project.

    The song serves as the backbone for this project, providing the structure for your other sonic explorations. Potential legal challenges aside (these are a common challenge in music that relies heavily on sampling), this is an interesting and useful way to approach composition.

    The challenge with this approach is in balancing the song with other source materials, and in choosing approaches to process the sounds. The editing in your piece is sometimes a bit choppy–but since it was fairly consistent, it actually became part of the aesthetic, and did not bother me in this context. I would have liked the processing of the main song to be a bit more subtle, however–the familiarity of the material and the chosen techniques (speeding up the sound, reversing them) made these moments stand out a bit.

    These few details aside, on the whole, this project demonstrates that you can create a solid project when you put your mind to it! Nice job.

    Hope you have a lovely break!


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