Brainstorm Ideas for Projects

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For instance: Brainstorm ideas for six potential listening machines.
Before you start: You will need your research group assignment. Please fill out the google form to indicate your preferences!

Assignment Purpose

In a sense this is pretty straightforward…the purpose is just think of a bunch of ideas for your project. But as was the case in the gathering-phase, my hope is that you take the time to think of many more than six ideas, and only then begin to narrow down your ideas to six. If you stick with the first things that come to mind, you likely won’t explore much new/exciting territory. If you force yourself to keep thinking of more ideas, you are more likely to think of something new.

Assignment Requirements
Submit a very brief description of each of your ideas (a few sentences is fine). Include the inspiration and any technical requirements, as relevant.

Assignment Submission and Deadline
Deadline: Sunday night before next class – 7 p.m. Assignments posted after Sunday 7 p.m. but before Monday 7 p.m. will be graded out of a maximum of 3 points. Assignments posted after 7 p.m. on Monday will not receive credit.
Submissions: Your findings should be posted on the wall of our Facebook group


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