Listening Machine Workshop

Partners/Trios for initial Discussions:
You are paired up with folks in general based on similarities I perceived in your project proposals. (This means if I didn’t receive a final proposal from you yet, your pairing is more or less random.)

Find your partner or group, introduce yourselves and then tell each other about your project idea and progress. Mention any challenges you’ve run into, and help you need. (Do you feel like you are happy with the project direction? Do you need testers to experience some aspect of the work? Are you stuck on anything?) Brainstorm a bit together to think of solutions, or people to ask for more help.

Listening Modes/Contexts
Gabe, Chai, Ella

Data Sonification (of sorts)
Eden, Rosie, Kendall

Sight and Sound
Emily, Olivia, Kate S.

Location-Based Listening
Nate and Kate B.

Technologically-mediated listening
Spencer, Adam, Caleb

Unnoticed sounds
Ric and Uri

Cymatics (?)
June and Tess

Kim, Devin, Yani

Workshop Groups:
For the second part of the lab, you are basically working on your own project, but with a twist. This is the perfect time to get help from folks–again, this could be help with a creative, logistical, or technical element…or perhaps this is just an opportunity to find a guinea pig to test out some of your ideas? When you get together, introduce yourselves and briefly mention any help you would like to ask for from your group. Then arrange to help each other out as necessary at various points throughout the class. Otherwise you will mostly be working on your own project.

Group 1:
Gabe, Chai, Ella, Emily, Olivia, Kate S.

Group 2:
Eden, Rosie, Kendall, Spencer, Adam

Group 3:
Caleb, Ric, Uri, June, Tess

Group 4:
Kim, Devin, Yani, Kate B. and Nate


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