This course is designed around four Proto-Projects, and one final creative project. Each Proto-Project is worth 10% of your grade. Each Proto-Project period lasts three weeks* and is centered around a general theme or prompt, with sub-themes that you will explore in small research groups during the Concept-Lab phase. The name ‘proto-projects’ reflects the fact that these are not intended to be polished, final projects. Instead, these projects are opportunities to explore new ideas and creative processes, to build prototypes, to succeed and to fail. Your grade for each of these Proto-Projects, therefore, is as much a reflection on your engagement with the creative process as it is a reflection of the final product. The final grade for each Proto-Project will be comprised of the following sub-grades:

2.5% Concept Lab Phase
2.5% Workshop Phase
2.5% Proto-Project
2.5% Presentation and Crit Phase

*Because of time-constraints, the segment on site-specific sound will last only two weeks.


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