Sonic Cinematic


In the course description, I said that we would “explore the unique ways in which sound communicates, defines spaces, shapes memories and creates connections between people, places and objects”. In this second segment of the course, we will consider all of these questions. Though the section is called ‘Sonic Cinematic’ it is not exclusively about sound design for film. Instead, it is about cinematic properties of sound, including narrative, evocative, emotional and deceptive qualities of sound. In some cases, this will mean exploring sound directly in cinematic contexts. In others, it will mean looking at sound in radio or experimental music, or in the context of our sonic environment, for example. By both design and necessity, there is overlap between many of these groups, though each group explores this topic from slightly different perspectives.

**PLEASE NOTE: When you find a link to a reading with multiple chapters, I am asking you only to read the introduction. It is also okay for you to divide up readings amongst group members, so long as each group member prepares a brief reading summary (1-2 paragraphs) to share with group members, and ultimately the whole class.

Skim the links below. By Tuesday night, submit your research group preferences. I will place you in groups, and then you should read/watch/listen to all of the materials for your chosen groups.

Research Groups

Sound and Environment
Kate B.

The Sound Environment group will explore the idea of shaping an environment through sound. This includes readings on soundscape, as well as soundscape in the context of cinema.

Sound and Narrative
Kate S.

The Sound and Narrative research group will be exploring narrative qualities of sound in both cinematic and radio contexts.

Sound and Memory

The Sound and Memory group will explore sound and memory from the viewpoint of an individual, and from a more historical perspective.

Spoken Word

The Sound and Voice group is going to work with sound and voice from poetic, as well as musical perspectives. This will involve a lot of different artistic explorations from the 1960s, especially.

Fact or Fiction

The Fact or Fiction group will examine the world of Foley artists and sound design. (This is what I mean about overlap…could not decide where to put it!)


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