Experiential Lab (7:45 – 9 p.m) Begin by reading through instructions together!

Research Group:

Lab Inspirations:
Many of the inspirations for your lab today are pieces you probably have already seen. One that you might not have seen is this project by a former student. (The primary inspiration is the sound bubble sound massage.)

-Miles’ Sound Massage

On a similar theme:


Last but not least:

Your Task:
I’ve decided to take your lab in a different direction than what was originally planned. You will begin by creating an immersive full-body sound massage. Then, if you have additional time, you may incorporate an element of auscultation and/or biofeedback using a provided a stethoscope mic and a zoom recorder (that can be used as an audio interface), as well as a breadboard with an external amp and audio jack. You could, for instance, try gathering sound of someone’s breath in real time (zoom to computer) and then have it play back via the small speakers (computer headphone jack to amp to little speakers). When you’ve exhausted the sound massage phase of your work, find me, and I will share further instructions. Info on the amplifier is here: And info on electronics stuff (like breadboards and multimeters) is here:

Lab Report
As you work, be sure to fill out a lab report so you can receive group credit for your lab. Keep your answers short and to the point. Bullet points are fine. This is just to give an overview for your classmates, and to provide some structure for you as you work on your lab.

Your Equipment:
-Small speakers
-Alligator clips
-Random conductive metal
-Small motor(s)
-ear plugs?
-9v batteries
-medical tape/tape

Lab structure:
1. Check out all inspiration links above, especially:
2. Go in search of conductive metal objects (10 minutes or so)
3. Experiment with speakers, batteries, alligator clips, and conductive objects, to create various sonic textures…make this experience haptic (touch-oriented) by attaching the speakers directly to a person.
3. Create an immersive sound massage composition – try using earplugs so that the emphasis is on the vibrations of the speakers on the body. Experiment with different textures, and create a series of short, diverse compositions, or a longer structured improvisation. Think of this as a musical composition that you experience through touch.

Important Info:
1. Though all members should be involved in the conceptual and building elements of this lab, if anyone doesn’t want to experience the sound massage composition firsthand, you are welcome to opt out for any reason.
2. Note that the elements of your lab are quite simple, but the quality of the experience depends on a thorough exploration of materials and textures.
3. If you decide to use the H2 zoom recorder as an audio interface for any reason, follow instructions below:
When you connect the H2 to the computer using a USB cable, the USB MODE SELECT screen appears, but the connection between H2 and computer is not yet in the online condition. Use the [REW]/[FF] keys to bring the cursor to “AUDIO I/F” and then press the [REC] key. At the screen that appears next, bring the cursor to “CONNECT” and then press the [REC] key again. When the indication “USB AUDIO I/F” appears, the H2 and the computer are in the online condition.

For details, see the section “Using the H2 as an audio interface” on pages 73 – 74 of the operation manual.

Show and Tell (9:05 to 9:50 pm):
Go find the sound/machine group. You will then share your sound massage with them, and they will share their lab with you. In any leftover time, imagine what a hybrid sound/body and sound/machine project could look like. We will regroup as a class immediately afterwards.


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