Concept Lab


  • Explore primary theme from many different vantage points in order to begin to determine independent proto-project direction
  • Share research findings with fellow group members and class
  • Experience an existing work through ‘experiential lab’ component of class
  • Create a simplified, similar experience for classmates based on experiential lab

The proposed concept-lab format is subject to change throughout the semester based on student reflections and suggestions.

Discussion/Cliff Notes ~30 minutes

  • Discuss any assigned readings/materials for your research group, as well as your own research and ideas – what stood out as particularly exciting?
  • Create a cliff notes-style document for classmates that provides an overview of the materials you covered, relevant links, summaries of important concepts, etc.

Experiential Lab ~60 minutes

  • Each group will have their own experiential lab that may involve building something, performing an existing piece, creating a new version of an existing piece, or another exercise I’ve designed around your theme. On lab day, find these from the calendar widget on the right side of the homepage.

Creative Lab Design ~30 minutes

  • After completing the experiential lab, your group should design a similar (brief) exercise/experience for the entire class. The experience should give a sense for what you’ve been up to the past 60 minutes, but should last no more than 10 minutes, and must be appropriate for the entire class to experience together.

Share creative labs ~50 minutes

  • This is the show and tell portion of the class where you will briefly describe your topic and your lab, and then invite the class to experience the creative lab you have designed.

Wrap-up ~10 minutes


  • Shared Cliff Notes Google Document
  • Experiential Lab
  • Creative Lab Design

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