Two Quizzes


There will be two quizzes for this course. These will take the form of brief, in-person meetings lasting about 20-minutes per quiz. Both quizzes will cover elements of the following:

  • Your demonstration of specific knowledge relating to software/hardware tools we are using within the course. For instance, I may ask you to show me how to make a few specific edits to a sound in a DAW and then render the file to disk.
  • A brief discussion of artists and/or other historical topics we have been exploring in class and in the ‘meet the artist’ segment of your HW. For instance, I may invite you to describe a few pieces by a particular artist, and speak a bit about where their work fits in the context of specific themes within the course.
  • Questions about technical concepts we are learning that are not typically specific to the software we are using. For instance, I may ask you to describe the difference between a few specific acoustic and psychoacoustic properties in general terms.

You may take these quizzes at your convenience, within the time restrictions outlined below. Note that scheduling a quiz earlier in the semester does not mean that the quiz will be easier!

Quiz 1: Must be scheduled between October 1 and November 1
Quiz 2: Must be scheduled between November 2 and December 12

Since this is on a *very* flexible schedule, there will be no exceptions to this schedule…except in cases of prolonged serious illness or family emergencies (okay, so two exceptions).

Quizzes must be scheduled at least two-weeks in-advance, and it is your responsibility to make sure your quiz is scheduled in time!

Quizzes for all students will cover similar topics, but no two quizzes will be exactly the same. Additionally, some quiz elements will be tailored to your interests and needs. Therefore, at least one week before your quiz, you will need to stop by my office for a 5-minute conversation about quiz content.


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