• Provide time to work on proto-project in class
  • Provide opportunity to get assistance and/or feedback from peers and instructor


Peer Feedback / Teaching Groups ~30 minutes

  • Either random or assigned group/pairs to briefly check in about your progress/ideas/concerns. If you have questions this is a great time to ask folks to see who might be able to lend a hand.

Independent (or collaborative) workshop time ~2 hours

  • This is a chance to work on your project in class. Please bring whatever materials you need to class.
  • I will check in with you each individually during this time to see how things are going and if there are any areas where you could use a hand.

Clean-up / Documentation / Wrap-up time ~30 minutes

  • As necessary, we will leave a little time at the end to document your process, clean-up, and wrap-up any loose-ends.


  • Peer-teaching / Feedback
  • Process and planning documentation (photos/descriptions, etc.)

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