I encourage you to explore the possibility of a collaborative effort for one or two of your projects. If you decide you would like to collaborate on a project, please keep the following in mind:

  • The maximum no. of project collaborations per student is two
  • It is expected that students will put in as much time and effort as if they were working solo, and the scope of collaborative projects should reflect this.
  • While students are encouraged to help each other out, and to use their strengths to their advantage, collaborative projects should foster mutual growth and learning, and not be an excuse to avoid challenges that would otherwise push you outside your comfort zone. It will be important that you demonstrate what you’ve learned from each other in working together on this project.
  • The final iteration of a collaborative project will receive two grades — a fixed base grade assigned by the instructor, and an additional variable point-grade set by the instructor, but distributed by team members. For example, a team may receive a 3.0 base grade for each student and 0.6 * 2 students = 1.2 variable point grade to be distributed amongst students within the group. As a group, you may choose to split these points evenly, or, if you feel your partner went above and beyond, you my elect to award them with extra points.
  • Recall that for the proto-projects, the final project grade is comprised of many sub-grades from process-oriented tasks. The dual project grade described above is worth only 2.5% of the final proto-project grade. The rest of these grades are calculated separately.

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